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Highly recommends that everyone has their teeth professionally cleaned by the experienced dental hygienists. 

Using an ultrasonic scaler can be particularly helpful if you require more frequent cleanings to control gum disease. Often treatment may be quicker than using manual instruments to complete the same job. Ultrasonic scalers have small tips and require very little pressure to be effective, so you should find treatment is more comfortable. The action of an ultrasonic scaler is gentler to tooth structure which is especially important when frequent cleanings are needed. The smaller tips of an ultrasonic scaler can be more effective at cleaning under challenging nooks and crannies, helping to eliminate more disease-causing bacteria.

We, wisedent, the supply of Ultrasonic Scaler,Ultrasonic Scaler , Scaler Handpiece &Tips which compatible to woodpecker, EMS , DTE to meet your various demands!


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