Dental Handpiece


Dental handpiece is popular in the dental industry. High speed handpiece, low speed handpiece are the main two category.  We are the specialized in manufacturing high speed led and without LED handpiece, air turbine,  external and internal water spray low speed set ( contra angle+ air motor+ straight handpiece), 20:1 implant contra angle and so on. Wisedent dental handpiece manufacturers, your wise choice!

High Speed Handpiece are designed for efficient removal of hard tissue with no need for pressure, heat or vibration. The handpieces can vary by design, shape and construction material, and they generally run between 250,000 and 400,000 rpm. Features such as attachment type, head size, light source (for example, fiber-optic lights), handpiece weight and motor noise vary by brand.

Low Speed handpiece is essentially a handheld motor that’s usually air-driven or electric. It spins the dental bur and prophy cup on average at 50,000 rpm. These devices commonly are used for removing caries, as well as refining cavity preparations in endodontic procedures such as root canals. Features can vary: for example, whether the device has air or water nozzles. These handpieces are made from a range of increasingly lightweight materials with ergonomically angled designs.


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