Root Canal Equipment


Root canal equipment is divided into endo motor, endo activator, apex locator, obturation system, gutta cutter, all the products are professional equipment for root canal treatment. Root canal therapy is using endo motor to remove the pulp tissue in the root canal, and use the endo activator carry out proper clean and disinfection, and use apex locator for calculated the distance from the tip of the file to the foramen and then fill the root canal to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote periapical lesions.

All root canal equipment is cordless and deliver freedom of movement. Doctors can operate more comfortable during surgery and each type is fit for hand use, and provide patients with the best care possible.

Depending on the equipment, there are a variety of factors to consider. Regardless of what type of equipment you’re investing in, be sure to select a reputable vendor that offers customer support. Wisedent is your wise choice.


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