Piezosurgery system is a new system that applied to modern surgery and implant surgery, which can set up various operation modes and working tips to make the operation process smoother and improve the accuracy and efficiency of treatment. Select Wisedent Piezo surgery, you can get the good experience with below features:

1. Selective cutting makes it no damage on soft tissue

2. According to different treatment requirements, there are 5 different working modes : bone mode, endo mode, perio mode, custom mode, clean mode.

3. The ergonomic handle improves its balance, especially during long-term surgery, which greatly reduces the fatigue of hands and fingers.

4. The vibration amplitude range of the working tip is 20-200μm, the tip and the bone tissue contact evenly, with no jumping, makes the cutting more stable.

5. Wireless foot switch: signals received within 10 meters. Never worry about misoperation caused by messy cables under your feet.

6. We will equip with 6pcs bone working tips which is compatible to woodpecker’s;

Piezosurgery is a relatively new technique of bone surgery that is recently gaining popularity in implantology, periodontics and oral surgery. 


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