Surgical Equipment


Surgical equipment is broadly divided into surgery type and implant type, which is the new system required for modern surgery and implant surgery. About surgery type, we have piezo surgery, saw handpiece and surgical handpiece. Piezo surgery is effective position to achieve minimally invasive and no damage on soft tissue, which can set up varies operation modes and working tips to make the operation smoother and improve the accuracy and efficiency of  treatment. Implant type has Implant motor, Implant torque wrench and implant prosthetic kit. And implant motor apply Swiss motor and German bearing, ensures extremely stable torque output and silent treatment experience.

In clinical surgery, the parameter settings can be adjusted according to the situation, and during surgery, the doctor can use saw handpiece, and implant kit to do the micro-adjustment. All the ergonomic handle improves its balance, especially during long-term surgery,which greatly reduces the fatigue of hands and fingers.

As the best surgical equipment manufacturer and dental equipment supplier, WISEDENT concentrates on quality, come from perseverance, and high quality shapes good brand. 


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